Attention, due to unforeseen circumstances, new orders will not be accepted at this time. All current orders will be completed. Thank you for your patronage.

Remember, please allow up to 2-3 weeks lead time from when you order, especially during the peak months between April and August. When Ordering, I give you many options to choose from. If you want something special, just ask. Some examples of options are softer, firmer, more flake, less flake, special flake, darker, lighter, more salt, less salt, etc. It is all custom made for You. Just let me know in the Special Instructions box during your order.

Some things to know:

Flakes/Glitter can drastically change the color of the plastic. Red and Purple are the biggest color changers. On lighter plastic colors, these flakes tend to add a pink or brownish tint depending on what the base plastic color is. Flakes and colorant can also play a role in the buoyancy of the Shakey Formula versions of plastic. The more flake and or color, the less buoyancy. Also, the color of plastic can also alter the way Flakes may appear. Please keep this in mind when making your selection.

Special colors are possible, If you don't see something you like, just ask. I have a huge inventory of coloring and flakes. In most cases I may have a sample of a bait you would like to match up. If not, I would be more than happy to try my best in matching any samples sent in.

Scents may darken lighter colored plastics, especially Cappuccino. My Favorite scent is the XTRA STRONG CRAWFISH. It is pretty strong and hard to wash off. Keep that in mind when handling and some customers wear gloves. The fish don't seem to mind the smell at all, I actually think they like it a lot. You can also mix scents such as Garlic and Craw or Craw and Shad. Please use the special instructions box to let me know.

Salted Baits, when salt is added to plastic, it becomes less transparent and more opaque. The colors may appear less vibrant. We use the finest salt available and a special plastic formula for our stickbaits that allow the use of less salt for better color and same action. Also, curing time is a little longer on our salted baits by a couple of days, please keep that in mind.

Eyes, Please allow extra time for Eyes on baits. It is a 2 day process from the start of making the bait, curing, prepping the surfaces, gluing and setting. I do all I can to ensure the eyes stay in place, but with all the extra time and preparation involved, I still cannot guarantee they will stay on for the life of the bait.

Softness, All our baits are made with different degrees of softness for their individual requirements. Frogs are made with a special firmer formula for better action and durability, Worms are generally made with a softer formula for better action, Swimbaits and Craws are made with a formula between firm and soft for both action and durability. If you want it softer or firmer than normal, Just let me know.

If you have any other questions or concerns and would like to contact me, the best way would be through my email address below. Thank You.


PHONE: (408) 840-FISH (3474)